Areas of activity


  • Charity

  • Construction

  • Development

  • Education

  • Electronics

  • Fashion

  • Production

  • Property

  • Retail

  • Technology


Current projects

Name: Apstec Systems


Type of business: Technology and Equipment


The main focus of APSTEC is development of equipment for detection of hazardous materials.


Name: Befree 


Type of business: Fashion Retail


As of 1st of October 2014 the brand has 264 stores in Russia, 5 in Ukraine, 6 in Kazakstan and 2 in Belarus.

Name: Hanza 


Type of business: Manufacturing


HANZA provides complete manufacturing solutions in mechanics, electronics, cable harnesses and final assembly.  Among some of HANZA’s customers are leading industrial companies such as Volvo, Ericsson, ABB and Saab.

Name: Kellermann Development & Construction

Type of business: Property Development, Management & Construction 


Kellermann Development acquires, reconstructs, fits out and manages property. The company has developed more than 200,000 square meters of offices, warehouses and residential buildings.

Name: Love Republic 


Type of business: Fashion Retail


The brand has 173 stores in Russia, 14 in Ukraine, 4 in Kazakhstan and 1 in Armenia. LR collaborates with world famous celebrities

such as Naomi Campbell, Madalina Genea and Irina Shayk.

Name: Melon Fashion Group


Type of business: Fashion Retail


The origin of the OJSC Melon fashion Group traces back to Leningrad of 1926. As of March 1, 2015, the Group operates 663 stores under the brand names: befree, Zarina and Love Republic. 629 in Russia (517 of them belong to the Company's on retail, 112 are franchisees), 20 operate in Ukraine, 10 operate in Kazakstan, 3 operate in Belarus, 1 operates in Armenia. 

Name: Charity Foundation Raoul


Type of business: Charity


The Charity Foundation RAOUL was founded in honor of Raoul Wallenberg in order to provide support in social adaptation and vocational education for graduates from orphanages in Russia.

Name: TransLegal


Type of business: Education and Translations


TransLegal offers a wide range of products and services to the international legal community. TransLegal’s Legal English products and services are used by lawyers and law students in more than 100 countries, helping tens of thousands of lawyers improve their Legal English. 

Name: Zarina  


Type of business: Fashion Retail


ZARINA is the first retail chain in Russia celebrating its 20th anniversary. As of March 1st 2015, the brand has 215 stores in Russia. The brand collaborates with world famous celebrities such

as Natalia Vodianova.